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MAJOR allows you to do a meta-analysis in jamovi using different types of input (e.g., effect sizes, correlations coefficients). MAJOR and jamovi work really well together; new studies can easily be added in the spreadsheet and the results will automatically update, making it easy to always keep your meta-analyses up-to-date.
For the jamovi project, 2018

This phase II trial evaluated psychosocial and health outcomes of an intervention designed to improve emotion regulation skills in adults suffering from Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs). The study utilized a pretest-posttest design in which 92 adults enrolled in the community-based program completed pretest measures, attended either a faith-based or secular version of the 12-week ACE Overcomers program, and then completed posttest measures. The theory-guided program involved group sessions providing education and skills training to improve emotion regulation, self-awareness, resilience, and social functioning.
In Child Abuse & Neglect, 2018

In this study, we examine the reliability and validity of the scale using an initial community sample (n = 107), and an online Internet sample (n = 123). Factor loadings and reliability were examined in both samples, as well as convergent and divergent validity. The measure was found to be positively correlated with authoritative parenting style and parental sense of reward, and negatively correlated with authoritarian style and parental stress. The measure may be useful as a tool for program evaluation, or for assessing a theoretical relationship between Positive Discipline style parenting and other variables of interest.
In the Journal of Individual Psychology, 2016

Recent Publications

(2018). MAJOR: Meta Analysis JamOvi R. For the jamovi project.

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(2018). MAVIS: Meta Analysis via Shiny.

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(2016). Positive Discipline Parenting Scale: reliability and validity of a measure. In the Journal of Individual Psychology.


(2016). MAVIS: Meta Analysis via Shiny. At R Users Conference at Standford University.

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